When was the last time you slept under the night sky?

by Yohai Gross, Shaliach

Sukkot is a great opportunity for us to go out of our comfort zone, take the sleeping bag out of the closet, and have a fun night with family and friends!

Sukkot is on my birthday, and as a kid I considered myself the luckiest kid in the world – I can sleep outside on my birthday and I got to build with my dad the biggest Sukkah in our town. What else could a kid ask for? The sleeping outside was so much fun, but what really made it fun was the fact that I built this Sukkah with my own hands (of course with some help from my dad). The project started with building the structure with a hammer, nails and old boards that we used every year. After that, we took the saw and did trimming in our entire yard – that was the scary part of climbing on the ladder.

As the years pass by and I grow older, I have missed some holidays with my family due to the army or to traveling abroad. On our last Sukkot in Israel, we went to my parents’ house where I helped my father build the Sukkah. We still used the same old boards and trimmed the same old trees in our yard, but this time my son was part of it, too, even though he was just a baby. I was thinking about him the whole time. I understood how tradition is important and how much it means to me that my father encouraged me to help him build the Sukkah and be a part of the family holiday in such a great way. I am hoping that I also will have the patience to teach my son how to work with his hands and to teach him to enjoy the process and not only the product.

Sukkot is a holiday of being among friends outside in the sukkah, and I want to invite you all to continue our traditional Israeli/Shaliach Sukkah. Come join us at Liberators’ Park on the Zarrow Campus on Sunday, October 8, from 3:30-6:30 p.m. We are going to have a fun afternoon of food (including make your own pita and pizza stations), games, and spending time with friends. Hope to see you all!
Happy Sukkot!

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