White Rose Memorial Essay Contest


The White Rose was formed by a handful of students, among them brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl, who felt compelled to raise their voices in protest of the frightening environment in which they lived and studied.

They met secretly to express their fears and concerns about the society evolving around them, eventually writing essays they published in leaflets that they distributed anonymously, first in Munich, where most of them were studying medicine, and later traveling to other cities to mail them anonymously to persons they had selected from the phone book.

Their essays challenged their fellow students and others to resist the propoganda they were being handed by the government and to resist the policies of the Nazi regime by distributing their pamphlets and promoting other forms of political dissent.

According to the exhibit on display at the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., “Of the groups in Germany that opposed Hitler’s dictatorship, only one, code named “White Rose”, openly protested the Nazi genocide against the Jews.”

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