Spring Blossom

by Yohai Gross

Spring is my favorite time of year; the colors are beautiful and everything seems to come alive. The trees and the flowers are fresh and new. In many ways, this next Spring Break will bring the same essence of fresh and new for a special part of our community, our youth!

In a few weeks, two groups will travel from Tulsa to Israel: the Carver-Nofarim delegation and the Teen Mifgash. Both groups will have a fresh and new acquaintance with my land—our land—Israel. But it’s not only traveling to another country, it’s much more than that. Our youth will be hosted by Israeli families, and this experience of getting to know each other on the most personal level will create (as a young guy from Tulsa that I met while the kids from Israel were here told me about his experi-ence few years ago), “A bond for life.” This is a connection that will last many years, a connection that will create a friendship that is stronger than culture, or language differences, or political differences, or even the fact that they don’t understand the word “chips” the same way. (I am still getting disappointed every time that I ask for chips and then instead of fried potatoes I am getting these weird, thin, greasy & crunchy things that come in a bag!)

I wish the teens from Tulsa an amazing trip to Israel, and I hope that this trip will open for them a new world of knowledge and personal experience that will enrich them as much as I am sure they will enrich their new Israeli friends.

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