Helping Good Fortune Shine

By Heather Lewin, Deputy Director

As we enjoy this time of harvest and celebrating the start of a new year, I hope you will join us in taking a moment to give back; to cherish our own good fortune and, however we are able, to share it with others.

From helping feed hungry families here in Tulsa to stepping up and sending aid to Houston and Florida where our own extended family has lost so much. From sending our Jewish youth on life-changing trips to Israel, to making our community center a home for all, giving through the Tulsa Jewish United Fund is your chance to help fortune shine upon others.

Your gift is one very important piece of a larger collective effort. Your single good intention touches lives in our community, in Israel, and in 70 countries around the world. You may never meet the people who benefit from this tzedakah, but when you give through the TJUF, know that you are changing lives, fulfilling a promise to look out for one another, and setting an example for future generations. We all have something to give. Be it time, treasure, or talent, you are needed. You can be helpful. You are an important part of this community.

Working in our community garden to benefit the food bank, joining our effort to promote racial justice, helping plan events, sharing your professional knowledge as a speaker, making phone calls to raise funds, giving generously to the TJUF—these are just a few ways you can make a difference.

It’s not just about what you can give. Check the community calendar in this issue. Come attend an event and experience for yourself the rewarding feeling of being a part of something bigger than ourselves, of being connected to your community, and of having a place to belong.

Please feel free to contact me at or 918.495.1100, with any questions—how to give, how to volunteer, how to help.

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