Faces and Voices From Jewish Tulsa

  • My Plans for 5776

    by Shiri Achiasaf West Did you know that it has been two whole years of my being this community’s Shlicha?? It has indeed! I remember the week I came here “just to try it out.” It was in May, and I was here the week of Rabbi Sherman’s goodbye party at Temple Israel. I was Continue Reading

  • Making Connections

    by Suzie Bogle, Director of Holocaust Education For three days at the end of July, 31 middle and high school teachers, seven Sherwin Miller Museum docents and one Holocaust Council member participated in our second annual Summer Institute for Holocaust Educators. They began by touring the Holocaust & Judaica exhibits at the museum, followed by Continue Reading

  • Summer Shilihim Farewell

    Summer Shlichim Bid Farewell by Shiri Achiasaf-West Tulsa was privileged once again to welcome two Summer Shlichim (emissaries) into our community to work at Camp Shalom. Or Avraham and Shir Halevi spent the summer as part of our camp community, working with our staff to bring Israel a little closer to us all. Our talented Continue Reading

  • Living a Jewish Lifestyle – August 30

    Even if you missed our first meeting you are welcome to join us at our next meeting on Sunday, August 30th at 2 p.m. at the CSJCC. The first meeting of Fostering Dialogue and Living a Jewish Lifestyle brought together a diverse group of individuals and couples with a common interest in exploring Judaism. The Continue Reading

  • Tulsa Family Mifgash Goes to Israel

    by Shiri Achiasaf-West This summer marked an important milestone for the Tulsa Jewish community – the family mifgash (encounter) to Israel in June. I was honored to lead the following families on this trip to visit Israel this summer: Howard, Marie and Gabriel Berkson; Jennifer and Lyla Jacobs; Seth, Dedra and Emily Lapidus; Starr Levin-Johnson Continue Reading

  • Living a Jewish Lifestyle

      American religious life is moving through a period of rapid change. Many people find themselves establishing families or living alone in a religious tradition different than the one from which they came. Thinking through these issues is important in the way we give meaning and value to our lives. If you are part of Continue Reading

  • Thoughts about the Israel Connection

    by Shiri Achiasaf West Lately I have been confessing in various occasions: true, I have an agenda. Funny thing is that it’s not even hidden, first because whoever has known me for five minutes can probably testify that I am open with my thoughts. Second, because I am actually hired to do what I am Continue Reading

  • Highlights from the Federation

    A Jewish proverb reminds us “Do not be wise in words – be wise in deeds.” The Jewish Federation of Tulsa has been wise in deeds this past year. The Federation continues to be a cornerstone for Jewish culture and life in Tulsa. We remain true to our mission to advance and promote Jewish life Continue Reading

  • A Canine Mitzvah Tale

    Who says happy endings are only for fairy tales? (Or “tails”, as the case may be). When the following story about second chances was brought to our attention, we just had to share the difference that Jewish Federation of Tulsa executive board member Lori Frank made in a woman’s life. Dear Lori, You’re probably wondering Continue Reading

  • Israel at 67

    by Shiri Achiasaf West At precisely 8 p.m. on May 14, the Israeli flag was lifted once again to high mast and the State of Israel went immediately from grief to joy, to mark 67 years since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. On top of Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem, the annual Continue Reading